What are the 6 best keyboards for under $1000?

$1000 is a reasonably healthy budget for a digital piano. There are some real bargains out there and if you’re a selective (rather than an impulsive) shopper, then you can get a LOT of keyboard for your money. If you’re looking for features, it’s always worth comparing models and choosing exactly the right fit for your […]

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The Roland F140R Review – The Best 88 Key Keyboard ?

Roland F140R

[wp-review id=”159″]The Roland F140R is, quite simply, one of the best digital pianos you’re likely to find for just over $1000. The SuperNATURAL sound engine that drives the sound doesn’t just play back samples of real pianos; it models them to reproduce an acoustically accurate performance based on what you play. The sound quality is […]

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The Casio Privia PX770: Does it worth investing in?

The Casio Privia PX770

[wp-review id=”52″]The Casio Privia PX770 is an 88 key digital piano, with weighted and hammer action keys. The “ivory feel” keys add an extra touch of luxury, and the selection of piano and instrumental voices will provide plenty of entertainment for the learner or the seasoned home player. The Privia series of pianos are designed to […]

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The Yamaha DGX660: Get the best out of your fingers

Yamaha DGX660

[wp-review id=”44″] The Yamaha DGX660 is an 88 key digital piano, with fully weighted keys and an excellent level of touch sensitivity, providing a realistic, pianistic play-feel. This is a keyboard aimed at an adult market that may have had piano lessons as a child, but have lost touch with their musical legacy. They want […]

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What are the 5 best 88 key weighted keyboard?

88 key weighted keyboard-audio rating

The most important feature of any digital piano is, quite simply, the keyboard. It’s the interface between the musician and the music. Weighted keys are a pre-requisite for anyone who’s serious about playing the piano. The skill of playing comes from the muscle memory that you develop in your practice. If you practice on a […]

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